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“Thanks Stephen,
Look forward to testing out my new swag.”

03 May 2006
Adam Rockett, Windsor, Qld 4030


Attn Stephen Henry
Viking Swags
Workshop direct 0403 777 827

Stephen, just a quick note to confirm that I have received the swag and to thank you again for your support of Variety. That is thank you from the Car 12 team thank you from Variety Queensland and thank you from the children that your support will assist.

If we can work a deal on two more so that I can have one for myself and a couple for the auction on Sat 21 Jan that would be fantastic.

I was also pleased to hear that you have had some business from our
promotion. We'll give it another plug during the auction.


08:55 AM, Friday January 13, 2006
Graham Bowring
Brisbane District Manager


Attn Stephen Henry
Viking Swags
Workshop direct 0403 777 827

Dear Stephen,

Since we last spoke I've used my swag more than 20 nights in all types of weather, hot, cold, dry & wet. Needless to say I'm very pleased with it.
I'm very happy with the swag and Variety Queensland is a great cause.
In total the Queensland Variety Bash raised a staggering $1.5 million net for disadvantaged children in Queensland. We're delighted to say that thanks to many generous sponsors and personal fund raisers including Viking Swags our car raised $30,000 to make us number 10 fund raiser out of 177 vehicles.

We want to improve on that this year and we'd like your help1

We are having another charity auction on Saturday 3 March 2007 and we'd be delighted to be able to auction a Viking swag again because last time it worked very well.”

Thanks & regards,
Graham Bowring
7:31 AM Friday, October 27, 2006,
On behalf of Car 12
Variety Queensland

it's Shane, i just received my swag today. im from ingleburn, you called me because you couldnt find my return address. remember? i understand you would have a lot on your brain so i dont blame ya if you dont. anyway, i'd just
like to say this swag is incredible. Thankyou. many of my mates own swags and this will be an envy! im using it for camping, rodeos and b&s balls.
i would be much more than happy for you to use this (even if you want to change the words a little) to put on your website as customer feedback to help it sell.
Thanks again, Shane”

04 September 2006
Shane Prettner, Ingleburn NSW 2565


“Have just returned from 6000km tour thru Qld.gulf country using viking king single sleeping rough with two companions using other style open swags very interesting comparison.some fun was made about my cover and mesh netting inserts on the first few good clear nights but when we got to walkers ck. near Normanton the mosquitos were in plague proportions and mine was the only protected swag.also one night we were beseiged by green tree ants again my swag came out on top.By end of trip after some cold wet windy nights there were no more adverse comments about my swag.

After seeing and trying various types of swags am extremely happy with performance of viking king single,many thanks for excellent design.”

07 September 2006
Ian Shipard, Rouse Hill NSW 2155


The 4 Swags I ordered arrived last week and look fantastic. Thanks for the prompt express service. Have already been on their first trip. We will be trying them out again over the next few weeks, as we have a few trips organised.
Regards Lawrie.”

29 February 2004
Lawrie Hurley, Ferntree Gully, Vict. 3156


I have received my Swag, it looks fantastic. It arrived Tuesday afternoon. Thanks very much for all your help and co-operation.
Many thanks,”

24 November 2004
Amanda Beare Pt. Lookout QLD 4183


“What a great Aussie swag ,very easy, very practical to use, and well made
I have been using swags for 20 years an this is the best by far
If you are thinking of buying one dont think just buy you wont be sorry
Good to see a Aussie bloke having a go
Thanks for your help steve much appreciated.”

13 October 2006
(manno) Glenn Manning, Kinsgrove NSW 2208


“Thanks for the great Viking Swags. They are so versatile; sometimes we just throw them on the ground for the night, or in rainy weather we tie the ends to a tree and stay very dry.

We have also just rolled them out in the boat for overnight fishing trips. The mosquito netting on either end is fantastic as it keeps all the mozzies and sandflies out.

And after all this use, they are still in great condition!”

Sunday 12 March 2006
Theresa Hxxxx, Thursday Island, FNQ QLD 4875



“We have been living in the Torres Strait now for 2 and a half years and have been on many camping and fishing trips in all kinds of weather. Our (Viking) swags have kept us very comfortable on all those trips.”


Sunday 12 March 2006
Andrew Denzin, Thursday Island, FNQ QLD 4875


“Hi, I'm looking to buy byself a new swag. Can anyone recommend a brand or maker?
Cheers", Andrew...

...reply from happy dog,
There is a swag called the Viking Swag which is the best I have found.
Australian family business they have a great article on their website about choosing the perfect swag and things to avoid when buying your swag.
About half the price of in the shops, they make and supply direct and are very easy to talk to no hard sell and they REALLY know what they are talking about and have a very loyal underground following.
I found them doing internet search on Viking Swags, here is link
Cheers Big Ears.”

10.43am Tuesday 18 Ocober, 2005
from happy dog


“put the swag to the test on the weekend at straddie...
Rained two out of three nights and i didn’t feel a thing….. VERY HAPPY WITH THE PRODUCT.”

24 August 2006
Shane Nipperess, Moorooka, Qld 4105.


“I did an extensive search of all sorts of swags before I bought one. I was looking for a double swag. I ended up buying one from Viking over the internet. I thought I had a problem when it didn't turn up as expected.
I contacted the guy. He chased it up, sent me another one, and then chased up the Post Office himself.
He was prepared to carry the cost himself to make sure I got my swag.
He was really good to deal with.
The swag is everything that he advertised.
Could not be happier. We could do with a few more fair dinkum blokes like this one(source=
Regards, Garry.”

04 April 2006
Garry bmwrider




Thank you very much for the great service, the swag arrived a couple of days ago and my husband loved it.
I will happily recommend your company in the future.
Thanks again,


25 October 2006
Victoria Davidson Duntroon ACT 2600


“Thanks a bunch, by the way, we love the swag.

27 April 2006
Stephen Bailey
Eagle Farm, QLD 4009


“steve just a quick e mail to let you know i recieved the swag. it's fantastic
sorry about the email that dad sent you just we both started to think this may be one of those internet scams people do to take your money, and you never recieve anything, he was also worried that i wasn't going to recieve it before i had to go bush.
Cheers Don Reid.”

22 March 2006
Don Reid, Happy Valley, SA 5159


Ben Pedrochi and his 2 mates are making a documentary travelling around Australia about camping and lifestyles and people and have chosen Viking Swags to be their beds for the next 6 months. If you are interested in learning more about Ben and his documentary and why they chose Viking Swags please email us at

“The swags are great. The doco's going to be about all the different ways you can live in Australia and the journey of finding the right one for you. I can't wait to go thank you again mate.”

22 November 2006
Ben Pedrochi, Eden Hill, WA 6054



“I have been in the market for a swag for a while now but its just never been at the top of the priorities list, also a mate that I go hunting with has an old (very ordinary) swag that he lets me borrow and this provides me with no end of discomfort, beggers can't be choosers.

Anyway I'm probably like most blokes and stuff around thinking about all the pros and cons of all the different types on the market. I like the idea of just rolling out a swag and lying in it and going to sleep but i also like protection from the biteys and rain as well, but being a lazy bastard I don't want to have to set up all the poles ropes and associated crap if I don't need to, also... the swag could just be used as a spare bed for when drunken mates can't co-ordinate themselves to call a cab.

I live up in Charters Towers, will mainly use the swag in north western qld, I'm 190cm tall and about 125kg (supreme athelete)ha ha, Ps, Have a ripper Xmas and safe new year.”

18 December 2006
Grant Simpson, Charters Towers, Qld 4820


“Bought my swag last month...(12/06)”

10 January 2007
Tim Glidewell, California, USA



“Hi Stephen, Ben loves his swag! He slept in it for 2 weeks straight from the day it arrived. Here is his fishing story.

“We were recently holidaying at a little place near Forster NSW, I fished all week off a small wharf that ran along the edge of the river where we were staying.

The fish were a bit slow on the first few days, catching only a small handful of flathead and brim. But my luck changed when we bought a cheapy $2 hand reel from the nearby service station. I was just going to use it to try and catch some poddy mullet for bait but ended up catching myself a monster Flathead on the plastic two pound handline. I couldnt believe my eyes and just kept saying "Daaaaad, Monster Flathead, I've got a monster flathead!" When I pulled it in we measured it and it was 68cm long! I have sent a photo of it.” Regards,”

14 January 2007
Ben Fensom and Sharon Fensom, "Navarre" Thuddungra NSW 2594


“Hi Stephen, Just a quick message to say how impressed I am with the swag. Myself and friends stayed at Elanda Point for seven days in the new year, they slept in a camper trailer while I roughed it (in style) outside in the Viking Swag. The swag was subjected to a variety of conditions over the week, high winds and extremely heavy rain one night and came through it with no problems, I remained dry and comfortable. I have attached a shot of the swag for your interest. Many Thanks.”

24 January 2007
Peter A. Allen, Morningside, Qld 4170